5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Stock Markets in 2017

Exactly 6 months back I had mentioned on this platform that this is an excellent time to take the plunge in Indian Equity Markets (read that post here). Looking back, the markets have had a phenomenal run, and things are still looking bright for the remainder of this year at least.

I was bullish all through 2016, and my Investments did perform quite well! Here is how my Portfolio has stacked up compared to Market returns. I invest both in Equities and Mutual Funds (lump sum and via SIPs). On all these aspects, my investments have beaten the market comprehensively!*Indian Equity ReturnsIndian Mutual Fund ReturnsJust to put things into perspective – If you had invested Rs 1 Lac when I had recommended in October, you could have easily made at least Rs 20,000 on any decent stock…that too just by buy-and-hold strategy (no active trading). Many stocks have more than doubled in this time frame! Compare it to the current instrument where you have parked your money, and you would be at loss of words!

Nevertheless, there is still time to pour cash into the market as there are many positive factors that would push it further. Read my detailed post on what lies ahead on Money View blog.

*Tail Stocks comprise less than 2% of my Total Portfolio value.

**Money View is India’s No 1 Money Manager app and has a user base of over 5 million.

19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Stock Markets in 2017

  1. I fully share your optimism, Alok, being an investor myself. Things would have been even more bullish if the geopolitical stage, comprising major players such as US, Russia, China and India, was more stable. The hotspots North Korea, south East Asian borders and the Middle East can shake up markets anytime.


  2. Investments into good stocks/companies over a period of time will fetch you a god return. Active trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s where most of people fail (apart from buying/selling over tips). Just use your logic and brains, don’t get tempted to make money overnight…you’ll do well! Happy to know that you have made good gains in not so good economic and political conditions, Alok! Keep going!


  3. It’s smart investment and thinking ahead of the curve. Though belonging to Economics background, the graphs scare me and could never understand performance of stocks, though read something about it yesterday on Mutual Funds.

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  4. Happy to know your​ portfolio gave good returns. In my opinion, this rally of 2016 has largely been a ‘HOPE’ rally. Macros don’t give a good picture though. The latest IIP Data too shows manufacturing contracting by 1.2%. Despite this markets have risen with lot of conviction. But we do have encouraging ‘green shoots’ visibility with several policy decisions implemented. The going would have been smooth if the prevailing geo-political tensions were not there.

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    1. You are very right. Seems you track the Financial Markets very religiously.

      This rally is primarily fueled by FIIs and also by the current administration on the home front. Enjoy while the good times last 🙂


  5. Good to know you are doing well with your investments, Alok. We are as well. We invest on the conservative side yet at times when the signs are GO we do take risks and win. Good luck over the year!!! ❤

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