Basics to keep in mind while Investing in Stock Markets

stock marketI am a fan of Stock Markets! But when I bring it into my discussions, some people avoid talking about it. The reason – they might have either lost or fear losing their hard-earned money. However, if you ask me, you will never lose sleep if you follow some basic rules.

Here are the ones that I have learned over the years:

  1.       Indulge with your surplus money.
  2.       Do your own research, not go by recommendations.
  3.       Go for quality stocks.
  4.       There can be dips too, maintain calm.
  5.       Don’t get greedy if a stock performs well.
  6.       Never put your eggs in one basket.

Each of them is explained in detail in my post for Money View here.

If you are not invested in the India markets (I like US markets too, but don’t have any exposure here though), you have missed out on some serious money in the last few years. And if you still don’t invest, you will surely miss on much more!

*Money View is India’s No.1 Money Manager app and has one of the top blogs in Business and Finance. Though I am paid to write for them, the thoughts are genuine.
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20 thoughts on “Basics to keep in mind while Investing in Stock Markets

  1. Very sensible tips, Alok. Definitely agree with not putting all your eggs in on basket. The stock market is a volatile arena. Sometimes it can stay down for a while. Other times are more prosperous. Aside from doing research beforehand, keeping up to date with the trends and new research and patterns I’m guessing will help too. Be in it to get something out of it 🙂

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    1. Yes, one should stay put till they earn per their expectations.

      Doing research on what could rise based on economic environment definitely is a great tip. Thanks for adding 😊


  2. Though initially I used to have no clue, after preparing for CA, I find the stock market pretty interesting. I have been yearning to do some trading but since I am not earning as of yet, I am still waiting. My parents are active though and hopefully some day I will be too 🙂 Those are some much needed tips for all investors 🙂

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  3. These are market basics which negligible part of individuals stick to. Maximum go gaga with market n incur heavy losses. I have worked with financial mkt for fifteen years, rarely people made money.
    Good advice.

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  4. Nice tips! Definitely things new investors need to know before investing. Also, educating oneself on what constitutes a good company (financial statements, business model, and management) would be great next steps for the new investor! Thanks for sharing!

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