Following the multi-cultural dream!

We have moved to Canada!

I would have hit H1B limit in the US end of this month and I declined Green Card request from my company 2 years back…and I have no regrets whatsoever!

More often than not, my decision to move on was met with shock to extreme disbelief with whoever I’ve shared the news. I was asked why on earth I don’t want to settle down in the US. Even otherwise, I could have applied for and taken the Green Card (GC) and then left. Well, I was never intent on doing so…and I don’t do anything unless I am comfortable with it!

I can imagine why people behaved the way they did. Let’s take the Indians in the US as an example – most of them dislike India after they’ve spent some time in the US, so much so that some even start ‘hating’ the place they come from! An India-born lady I recently met in the US said, ‘I am happy Trump is adding restrictions on immigrants. Indians are trash and should be sent back!’ As much as I was sorry to hear that and had to bow down my head in shame, I couldn’t believe she can hardly speak a sentence in proper English, in spite of being in the US for over 15 years. If you ask me, she should be the first one to be sent packing!

For me, my love for my motherland never changed. It is natural to ask then, why did I spend 6 years in the US? A simple answer – to fulfill my financial obligations.

As much as I would like to head back to India, I still want to make myself financially stable and gain multi-cultural experiences. I tried very hard to find my next assignment in Europe for multiple reasons. And, for many months last year, Belfast in Ireland was looking like a good possibility. But things didn’t work out eventually and my current client never wanted me to leave either. All in all, Mississauga (close to Toronto) in Canada is where the discussions finally settled down on – not exactly the outcome I had hoped for, but such is life! So, here I am, publishing this post from Canada. The dream of going back to India someday is still there, though.

Btw, I had promised myself to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side the first weekend I am here – and I fulfilled that ambition. Here’a video of the world-famous HorseShoe Falls visible only from this side of the border.

More on my Niagara outing would come up across platforms in due course, but there is a lot to look forward to as we start exploring Canada now 🙂

Before I end, a request to my readers  – We all understand the craze to move to the West to pursue our ambitions is something hard to pass over. There is nothing wrong in settling down here too. But, don’t badmouth your own country. If for some reason you are ‘kicked-out’ of the US, it will only be your home country that will still be willing to welcome you with open arms!

69 thoughts on “Following the multi-cultural dream!

  1. I think I am the only one without a passport from the entire class or maybe the entire college from where I passed out! LOL 🙂

    The Internet is dispersing borders faster than we think. This trend is only going to catch up faster. I think, there may not be much of a need to move from one’s country or any country, esp. for financial reasons, in the future.

    Destination Infinity


  2. So true Alok. Its really hurting to hear people intentionally forgetting their roots……. Not realizing that they are here right now because of it.

    From travel perspective too, India has so much to see / explore…… But until & unless you have not been overseas you have not climbed the pseudo social ladder. One foreign trip and you have people talking.

    Yes, do travel, do settle in other countries but respect your life gone by and look forward to one coming…… The true education & worth of a man is reflected in his/her mindset after all!

    Canda is a good place…… Look forward to your exploration 👍 All the best for all your endeavors.

    ……. And needless to say Niagara bit is marvellous

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  3. Very true.. It is sad when people talk like that. BUT I do agree with Trump stand on immigrants and I hope UK do it too.

    Some of the experiences I had on my shifts every day makes me say that. The problem is many people don’t respect the rules and laws of the country also. And expect them to be changed .. anyway I am not going into that here..😎

    Canada indeed is a lovely place been there twice now .. all the best with everything ..and niagara falls look beautiful…

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  4. Exactly, after reaching certain heights and touching the skies people forget their soil. I guess this is when they loose meaning of their life. Mr. Ratan Tata once rightly said, ” as you prosper and as you grow think of giving back to nation in one form or in other with some of what you have gained. So, that others too can shine like you have and with that the nation grow”


  5. Alok wishing you all the best. I will agree that we should not get into things we don’t want. Even though settling in US is a big dream and chased by millions, but we all have our own choices. This lady certainly needs to get her head checked…looks like a hypocrite! On the positive side, Canada is incredibly beautiful and blessed with nature. I’m sure being a nature lover, you will enjoy your explorations around.

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  6. I wonder where that Indian lady you were talking to was coming from. Sad to hear she is bad mouthing others – and you have every right to feel ashamed as a fellow Indian. Maybe she has forgotten about the best part of the culture; sometimes we just forget. As Arv said, we all have our choices for moving, and you got to do what you have to do to keep your head above water.

    Good luck with your time in Canada. You sound very chipper about it and happy travels there as well 😀


  7. As a dual citizen of the US and Canada (my home and native land) I am very pleased to hear you are in the Toronto area! Enjoy Canada and I hope you get to travel to other areas of an amazing country!! Cher 🙂

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  8. First of all, i am really moved by how after spending so many years in the usa,i have met quite a few people as you said hate their our country,India and this thing is so complex,i mean how you can claim to love another country when you have no respect and love for our India.I wish that you see every corner of this diverse world and learn every diffirent culture and meet new people,As long you keep India in your heart,wherever you go,you will make that your home.

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  9. Wishing you success in your dream of globe trotting before returning to your native land. The love for our own nation never wanes, I agree with you Alok but if we can get an opportunity of exploring other parts of this planet and get paid too handsomely, then it is a double bonanza! 🙂

    I look forward to your Niagara Falls experiences as those falls have enthralled me in all their forms. Hope you are settled in your new home and job. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Balroop.
      You said it right…we shouldn’t forget about our native place.

      I will add about our experience at Niagara sometime. We are still in the hotel…hopefully will move out by next weekend.

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  10. Alok, my friend! I am so glad you wrote about it and it’s a good decision to move to Canada. I am not shocked and it has one of the best PM in the world coupled with good policies. Don’t get me wrong. I am also an Indian settled abroad but I have a huge issue with the typical NRI who abhor India and everything Indians. They forget where they come from and belong, trying to be someone else. Have you seen how many NRI MIL badly treat their DIL. Those people get to my head when they visit India, saying how dirty or filthy it is or Indians are like this and that. Those people suck big time.

    Enjoy your stay in Canada.

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    1. I agree with you…it is so worrisome to see that happening around. One should always stay grounded and respect all cultures, especially their own first!

      Thank you very much, buddy. I hope to enjoy my travels here 😊

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  11. Your parting note struck a chord. Such a wonderful sentiment Alok. I detest Indians who settle abroad and look down upon their country. There are pros and cons every where and no place is perfect. Wishing you and Saru all the very best in Canada 🙂 I have heard it is a beautiful country and I just cannot wait to see it from your lens! especially all the natural hubs 🙂
    The video of the falls is magical. Wonderfully taken and on my bucket list! 🙂


  12. There is all kind of people in this world, positive and negative. We should focus on positive people and disregard this kind of negative people.
    Wish you all the very best for your Canada stay, I am sure you will enjoy the beauty and nature of the new country.


  13. I have to say I have never met anybody who hated their home country. I’ve met many who love their homeland but can’t go back because of financial or political reasons. To hate where you are born is to hate yourself, surely! My one big regret in life is that I never returned to England to live, only to visit. There were many reasons I won’t go into. Even if I had not stayed in England and decided I preferred to live in the US after all, at least that choice would have been mine. Having said that, I love living in small town Culver City, surrounded by the big city of LA… the best of both worlds. When people ask me what is my nationality, I like to say I am a citizen of the planet! Enjoy your stay in Canada and I look forward to your posts about life there.


  14. Another adventure awaits in another country… Awesome… Congratulations on the move. I am sure you are already having fun. Niagara Falls look so majestic. I agree on your views… Why bad mouth a country that was a home…


  15. I’m glad that you shared the exact reason of making a move to Canada. People introspect a lot at first but it’s always good to clear the clouds and share the good and bad experiences. I loved the way you conveyed such a thoughtful message of ‘ never bad mouth own country’.

    Hope you and Saru have a great time in Canada too. Enjoy! 😊


  16. Alok, I am so glad you wrote about this experience. I totally and gladly agree with you! I was in Dubai after my marriage for 13 years and I never stopped feeling home-sick and now am back in my homeland (there’re other reasons too of course). I personally have always felt that expats are always secondary citizens in many situations. And about bad mouthing our own country (I too’ve come across the kind of talk that you mention)…it’s so disgusting! I have also seen people who refuse to talk their mother-tongue to their children, which again I don’t really feel good about. One should never ever forget who we are and where we come from…never forget the roots! I am glad for you both! Bless you both-you are so rooted! 😀

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    1. Glad to read your thoughts, Deepa. I never felt comfortable staying in the US permanently, so it was bound to happen.

      There are other kinds of NRIs as well – who come to the West, hate India, but remain Indians as far as their manners are concerned. Seems they live in their own wonderland.

      Thank you so much for the wishes ☺️


  17. True Alok. Instead of saying these bad words, one should try to implement good things from the West in India. Like health and nutrition, education, professionalism, value for time et al.

    I bet the same lady will spill garbage publicly once she comes to India.

    Congrats on moving to Canada and all the best. If destiny permits and you stayed there still, hopefully we will meet there. All the best again. 🙂


  18. I think it’s the Asian mentality that the West is always the best. I was an Australian grad in the mid 90s and I have absolutely no regrets in not applying for a permanent resident status. Many personal reasons why I did not and that’s in the past. Now I’m very comfortable to say that I’m glad to be in Malaysia, my home country though it has its own flaws (which country doesn’t?) and life is good here only if I make the best of it, not the government or the economy.

    Congrats Alok for making the move and for speaking up. You’re right about now matter what happens, our home country will always welcome us home 🙂

    All the best!! Cheers.


  19. Wish you the best, Alok. I do agree that badmouthing the country that have birth to you is distasteful. I hope Canada offers you great opportunity to grow and prosper.


  20. I’ve been residing to different parts of the world that I always feel I’ve drifted way far apart from my own original country. which is the Philippines. But then again, I can never turn off myself being a Filipino, even being Asian. So no matter where I go, no matter what culture or influence, I’m assured that the Filipino in me still kicks in. 🙂
    How exciting of you to move somewhere else. Have fun and good luck.

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  21. Congratulations on your move, Alok (and Saru 🙂).
    It is definitely brave of you to decline the green card request and decide to uproot yourself once again. I am in the same boat as you but have opted for the seemingly safer option at this point !
    Canada offers more flexibility in terms of immigration statuses, so that would be better. The H1B and GC waits and restrictions are awful.
    As far as Indians bad mouthing India is concerned, it is unfortunate but there are 2 sides of it. Only when you feel passionately connected to something or someone, do you care to criticize it too. Just because one is abroad shouldn’t make “back home” a paradise. Nostalgia should be separated from realities. Our country has changed in the last 6-8 years and that needs to be acknowldged.
    But it’s frustrating to hear pointless criticism too.
    On Trump and Indians, I wrote a few months ago.
    Indians in USA have deliberately misunderstood Trump, in my opinion:

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    1. Thanks, buddy. I was tired of repeated stamping and extension every few years, and didn’t like US so as to settle down there.

      I wanted Hillary to win, but as I am not a permanent resident of US, I don’t care much about Trump win too. He’s proved to be not terrible so far.

      Heading over to your post now…


  22. You are exactly about the home country and it was like kicking off the ladder that helped us climbing this high.
    The Niagara is breath-taking and stunning with its flow… All the best with your new place and country 🙂

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  23. Congratulations to Saru and yourself on the move to Canada!

    I am just like you on this front and this post came to me as a reminder of why I made some very difficult choices not-so-long-ago. More power to you on choosing what best suits you than following the trend blindly.

    Loved the Niagra fall experience and can’t wait to see Canada through your lens.

    Wishing you both the very best in the new land!

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    1. Change is always discomforting, but one day it had to happen anyway. I believe one has to experience what lies on the other side, only then we’ll make better choices later.

      Thank you very much ☺️


  24. Very well said. Wherever you go, you can always return to your home and you will find it welcoming you warmly, always. The only place you can call your own.

    And, no, it’s not just about Indians settled abroad. Here, in our own country, some people say bad things about India. Sad.

    I wish you (and Saru, of course) all the very best! I hope this place embraces you beautifully. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Tarang. I’ve also heard bad words about India in India itself…a reason why people are mad about moving to the West.

      I think Trump’s decision to put a barrier to the influx should come as an eye-opener for many – that things are not always rosy on the other side!


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