Reasons to Love Donald Trump

*This is my next speech in Toastmasters, from the Advanced Manual “The Entertaining Speaker”Donald-Trump-Quotes alok singhalI am not a fan of Donald Trump, so I really hated myself when I chose to talk about why we should love him! But it is good to take a contrarian view sometimes. So, here are my thoughts on why he needs a bit of sympathy:

  1. Teaches us how to raise kids – I am not sure how many of you pamper your kids every time. But he doesn’t! He makes it a point to not have his kids being given things on a silver platter. This essentially means you are teaching your kids how difficult it is to earn money and have them respect the same.
  2. Shares his feelings openly: By now we know he was not completed fit for the position of the President of Untied States. This is because he doesn’t know what, when, and how to speak. In fact, he mentioned this about his daughter Ivanka Trump, “She has a great figure. Had she not been my daughter, I would have been dating her.” Huh! But I like people who come out clean rather than keeping such thoughts to them.
  3. History with women – It is no secret that Trump was a womanizer. When he ran for the President, a lot of women came out in the open accusing him of sexual misconduct in the past. However, do you know there are contradictory images of him, too? He hired one Barbara Res as his head of construction in the 1980s, when not many women held such positions. She later mentioned him saying, “While men tend to be better than women, a good woman is better than 10 good men.”
  4. An inspiration – My wife always says – if he can become the President of a super-power than America is, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do anything in life. You just have to think Big! In fact, if you didn’t know, he picked up politics as a hobby a couple of years back and ended up defeating Clinton, who spent her entire career in politics!
  5. A real entertainer – This is my personal favorite. Believe it or not, you won’t ever find a character like him at such a position of authority. I mean who else can fit in his philosophy within just 140 characters on Twitter? And can defend it too! With the twitter text limit now raised, I am sure we are bound to have more laughs 😀
  6. He is a winner, after all – No matter his comments on Hillary during the Presidential debates or numerous women accusing him of wrong doings, a lot of people did go out and vote for him, including many women. So, I would assume he has a bit of charisma that drives people towards him.

And who knows, he might actually make America great again! After all, the US economy has shown considerable progress in the last one year!

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51 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Donald Trump

  1. I have nothing to share here. Since my opinions toward that man is neutral. I dont think he really has hurt anyone, after all, one’s personal opinions are his or her own, and if people want to take that personally and be offended, what can be said.

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      1. Perhaps, yes, and that is why we all have our own reasons to like or dislike someone. That was just one person’s opinion. I may have missed facts but that does not rule out the fact that one is free to express what one feels, sadly at times, though it gets in the way of people’s sentiments. Ahh! Ive had a long tiresome day. Perhaps, my rants add and mean nothing.

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  2. Despite your hatred you have managed to turn the points in his favour though subtle hints in between the lines say more than your words. I could read those and appreciate how you managed the inspiration point. Well done Alok!

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  3. Seeing good in what we hate is a real challenge. If we succeed it in life, we will be happier! I like your honest opinion about the topic and the way you justified with the answers. What Saru told is hilariously inspiring one!
    Best wishes!

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  4. OK, about the number one, I think Trump is actually pampering his kids and promotes nepotism for his children. They get things easily compared to other kids who were not born and raised under Trump’s name. Yes, it’s their privilege as rich born children. I read about Ivanka’s lemonade stand story, which was bit disturbing, that they made their bodyguards and maids to buy their lemonade in the end.
    Trump appoints his daughter and son in law into his governance to manage quite high profile matters without having prior related experience. That’s something called as nepotism and I think that can be seen as pampering the kids.

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      1. We know you are not aware of the complete picture. To post something like this. To think that he teaches us how to raise our kids. He pampers his kids. This man never had to do anything for himself, or for anybody else. What makes you think he gives us anything to look forward to. Again…still waiting for the good about why he is here. He might share his feelings, but they are wrong.


      2. These points have been shared by the Media also (you can just Google)…I didn’t work in the White House to know all this!

        If you are so against him, you are free to express your opinion also….it’s a democratic country!


  5. I always find it difficult to judge Mr. Trumph because his some decision are really good while some sound disastrous. Being Indian his stand over H1B1 visa generate hate for him at the same time he backing India on various platform generate soft corner for him. Talking about trumph as a person, well, I can’t comment over it since, I never been to America and nor do I know him personally😅
    All I know about him is from media, from all the news 1 thing that is clear to me is… he is a big entertainer 😋
    Anyways a good piece…👍

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  6. With a little effort we can find the positive side in even the most negative circumstance, right? I agree, with a little dedication and determination anyone can achieve the greatest. Think big, right? Even after being so open about everything, he became the president. That was real talent of you to talk about the good things in a person who clearly makes it a difficult task. 😀

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  7. Trump cannot satisfy America. What makes you think he can satisfy his trophy wife Melanie. It is sickening. God blessed him with a mouth, but he runs it a little too much. We wonder why some people don’t talk. It’s because he does enough talking for all of us. The world doesn’t revolve around him. He thinks it does. Is that why he looks surprised when someone speaks up to him?

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  8. When a man is a bully, racist, liar, misogynist, adulterer, well, I don’t think I can even joke around about liking the guy. He is evil and the U.S. is in jeopardy because if him.

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