A hat-trick of sorts: 3 years Blogging | 2 on Instagram

It has been one long journey, and I am not tired yet 🙂

I had never imagined I would ever write, let alone publishing posts consistently for 3 years! I started off with documenting my Travels and, a year later, posting a huge database of pictures I have on Instagram. Fortunately, I got tremendous feedback from my readers and I was also approached by a few firms to write for them. Early this year, I started doing promotions on my Instagram Account, too. All this added to my enthusiasm along the way, and I’ve never looked back. alok singhal instagramI owe Thanks to You, and also to those who are not around anymore for whatever reason. It is because of your comments that I have been able to deliver. I also want to mention about numerous strangers who took time to add their experiences on the places I’ve visited or just motivate me otherwise…some inputs were quite touching. There is nothing more satisfying that getting a thoughtful comment appreciating the hard work you’ve put in.

Last Anniversary I had mentioned I would cut down on my blogging activities. Yes, I did – quite a lot actually, as is evident from the number of comments I now get on a post! In spite of that, today I have 198 published posts, averaging over one every week in the last 3 years – and that too in spite of blogging not being one of my favorite hobbies (which includes Travel & Photography, Stock Trading and related Research). And it is not just the Travel & Photography category that I have written on – the posts are also spread across Personal Experiences, Lessons in Life, Humor, Health, and my speeches from Toastmasters. This all apart from the full-time demanding job that I have.

As I continue to spend more time on my Portfolio Management, I think this is the pace I could keep up with at the most. Moreover, each and every post I publish takes a lot of my time as it goes through multiple iterations of quality checks. A-post-a-week also gives enough time to my readers to enjoy visiting other sites and keeps them motivated to look forward to the next one from me.

With that, let me wish you a very happy year-end and a fabulous 2018. If you are heading on a vacation soon, here’s a high five 🙂

71 thoughts on “A hat-trick of sorts: 3 years Blogging | 2 on Instagram

  1. Congratulations, Alok! you are one of the inspiring bloggers. You are right blog takes away lot of time…only a fellow blogger can understand this! One post a week is good too! Good wishes! 🙂

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  2. Congrats on 3 years blogging and 2 years on Instagram. You have come very far, and what I really like about your blog is the diversity of posts. Sometimes you write about travel, other times insightful tips on managing life. It can be hard keeping up quality posts especially when time is tight. Like you, before each of my posts go up, they go through drafts and edits. A lot of the time I come home after work feeling tired and the last thing I want to do is blog, lol. Even blogging for an hour, be it writing a blog post or replying to comments or reading and commenting on other bolgs can be tiring 😀

    You do such a great job here and hope to see your blog going on. Here’s to the next year. All the best 🙂

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    1. Always a pleasure reading your comments, Mabel. Like your posts, they are thorough 🙂

      I admire your thoughts and the way your structure them. If i have to give Blog of the Year award, you would be right on top!

      Thanks for being a part of my journey 🙂


      1. You are very kind, Alok. Thank you. I like the brevity of your posts, and need to learn how to write like that since I am looking at short chapters for my book. Your blog is a big inspiration to me in how you can juggle so many topics, yet still make it feel like you – and your voice shines through.

        Looking forward to more next year from you 🙂

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  3. This is something to celebrate. You are really doing a great Job ALok…WIth full time demanding JOb, share market research, Blogging is not an easy thing to do. But you are doing well while maintaining your comfort level. Afterall, it should not seem like another Job. More years to come and More heights to reach.

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  4. Congratulations… 😊😊 I love reading your travel stories, especially your pictures make me feel like I am on a virtual journey with you guys. Happy new year to you too. Here’s wishing you many more wonderful journeys. 👍

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  5. Congratulations on completing 3 years in blogging and 2 on Instagram, Alok! Your journey has been really inspiring for many in the blogging community. I love the way you structure your posts around pictures and the humor you add in non-travel genre. Your simplicity is what I love the most. Thanks for inspiring people like me, Alok! Here’s wishing you many more adventurous and wonderful years in blogging. 😊

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  6. I seriously hadn’t thought it was just three years, you’ve been writing some amazing posts and the photos are out of the world ! Loved being a part of your Instagram journey. Keep posting those amazing images.

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  7. Hearty congratulations Alok! This is simply amazing! I know how much hard work and dedication is put into developing good content and reaching out organically. You and Saru are an inspiration to the blogging community. Wishing you many more milestones in blogging and instagramming.

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  8. Happy birthday and happy blogoversery, Alok 🙂 Regularising blogging has been challenging for me and I have not yet achieved it. Fortunately my irregularities are not regular as before 😀 Hope I too manage to blog regularly inspired by you 🙂 Best wishes…

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  9. Congratulations on your ‘hat trick’ Alok. Isn’t it amazing how blogging opens up all sorts of other opportunities. Happy blogging into the future 🙂 I also wish you a very happy festive season. Enjoy. xo

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