Opaekaa and Wailua Waterfalls in Kauai

If waterfalls are your thing, you would have a great time in Hawaii! In Kailua itself, we saw a couple of them – Opaekaa and the more popular Wailua falls, both easily accessible (just off the road with no hiking required).

Opaekaa being close to our hotel, we first went to see it in the morning. You just have to turn up Kuamoo Road (580) from highway 56, and the falls are a few steps from the parking lot (on the right-hand side).opaekaa fallsIf you go across the road, you are treated to the majestic views of the Wailua River Valley. We saw a few people Kayaking out there.wailua river valley.jpgbest views in hawaii.jpgYou wouldn’t need more than 15 minutes to cover these falls from the parking area. So, we headed to the more popular Wailua Falls (double-tiered falls), which were about 20-minute drive from this location. Just head north from Lihue on Highway 56 and take a left on Maalo Road in Hanamaulu. The falls are at the dead-end.
wailua falls.jpgwaterfalls in hawaiiI especially loved the mist created off of the falls. We’ve had times when the mist hit us in the face at a couple of places on our earlier trips – and the feeling was just enthralling.mist from waterfallIf you are running short of time, try to cover the Wailua Falls at least…they are one of the best attractions in Kauai.